Adam and Eve

Are you ready to start an exciting and funny adventure that will immerse you in the prehistoric world? There will be a huge number of riddles and jokes. In these games you have to help the main character, a charismatic primitive man. Overcome various obstacles and solve puzzles to reach your beloved!


In each Adam and Eve challenge, the hero goes to new and exciting locations. Challenges range from escaping mazes to interacting with animals and natural phenomena. Users must use their logical abilities and ingenuity to solve a variety of problems. Face dinosaurs and use contraptions to get around them! Or cross dangerous rivers or unravel ancient mysteries!

Best games:

Adam and Eve Go
Adam and Eve Go 2
Adam and Eve Go 3
Adam and Eve 4
Adam And Eve 5: Zombies
Adam And Eve 6
Adam and Eve 7
Adam And Eve 8
Adam and Eve: Astronaut


Process Adam and Eve are famous for their original missions. Each of them requires out-of-the-box thinking and attention to detail. Fans will have to interact with the environment, look for hidden objects, and more to progress through the levels. The puzzles become increasingly difficult as you progress, keeping everyone on their toes and interested.Enjoy the atmosphere and humor!