Slenderman is a creature that appears before it attacks you. Players from all over the world love these challenges and try to complete them. The main task is to survive, but is this possible? Experience the adrenaline and fear while you are in this category! Here everyone can demonstrate their resistance to stress and self-control! Can you cope with these creepy missions?

Unique stories!

Here fans can find different games with a fascinating storyline. Basically, the process will take place in dark forests, where strange sounds are constantly heard. You need to be very careful not to fall into the monster’s trap, otherwise everything will end. If it is too close, then the participants will not have the opportunity to escape. It has long limbs that can catch you even if you try to run away!

Get to know the lives of the heroes and find out what their goal is at the moment. A father has lost his son, a journalist wants to find out the truth and much more. They are all so different, but they have one thing in common! Slenderman has been on the hunt since you stepped into his territory. No one has ever managed to escape from him and perhaps you will be the first.

Leave this place!

Wherever players go, similar scenarios will await them. In such games, everything is aimed at exploring locations. For this reason, fans must be extremely attentive and careful to be able to find what they came for. There may be pages around any corner, in bushes underground, etc. You need to collect the required number of them to complete the levels. Don’t forget that there is not much time and hurry up!

There may also be other items hidden here that have a great influence on the process. Look everywhere and even if something is in the way, find a way to solve the problems! Slenderman is very dangerous because of his cunning. He can watch your every move and wait for an opportunity to attack. For this reason, be on guard to avoid bad results and endings. Start again if something goes wrong, but better not make mistakes!!

In addition, fans will be able to find various mods in this category. For example, a Christmas version of the game that will make you collect gifts. Without them, the mission will not be considered completed, so make an effort! Use a flashlight to illuminate some areas or an ax to cut down trees! Find a way out of the most stressful situations and just enjoy these creepy stories! Prove that you are brave and not afraid of evil!