Pony Games are exciting challenges created especially for lovers of horses and fantasy adventures. In this process, participants are immersed in a world of magic and friendship, inhabited by cute and pretty creatures of various breeds. If you are ready to take care of them, walk them and go to the kingdoms, then welcome!


The main task of such games is to explore a huge world. It is filled with various locations, mysterious forests, magical castles and picturesque valleys. Players can move freely throughout the area, meeting unique characters. In addition, they can make new friends and solve various quests and tasks.

Pony Games also gives you the chance to take care of your own little horse. Players can choose from a variety of breeds and colors and then take care of them. We mean you’ll feed them, groom them, and even compete! Show that your animals are very talented and win cool prizes or rewards!

The graphics in all games are made in a colorful and attractive style. This makes the process even more attractive for players of all ages. It also offers a huge number of interesting opportunities for creativity. This will allow fans to tune their horses, create unique outfits, and even build their own houses.

Fascinating stories

Pony Games offers a variety of storylines to take players on exciting adventures. For example, you can go to save the kingdom. Participants will have to go through various tests and battles. Enemies want to destroy the territory where your cute new friends live. Will you be able to resist them? Explore mysterious ruins! Go with your horses in search of lost artifacts and secrets.

All of them are hidden in ancient caves and so on, full of dangers and mysteries. What about the horse racing tournament? Players will have to prepare their pet to compete, where they will compete with the best across the continent. In addition, very often you can find games here where you need help from friends. Complete various missions to help your comrades and the inhabitants of the world!

Solve their problems and overcome difficulties to complete all the cool levels! Also learn about the mysterious circumstances that created the chaos. Will you be able to resolve all conflicts and bring back peace? Also, for lovers of creativity, we are pleased to offer unique challenges. In them, users will have to experiment with images for artiodactyl animals. Add horns, wings and even fur!