Chilla’s Art

Chilla’s Art is a short challenge development company. It was created by two people, brothers from Japan. This idea came to them suddenly, but became one of the most successful in the whole world. The process is based on horror events and can scare even a professional. A quick change of environment from calm to tense is the main feature. Can you complete the missions in this category?

Fascinating legends!

These games are unique and have cool stories that will pique the interest of everyone. Most often, events take place in quiet cities or villages with civilians. Evil spirits, criminals, monsters, witches, dangerous creatures and more! They all become enemies against the general population. Players will learn about the lives of young children with unfortunate destinies, mothers, workaholics and much more.

The stories of the main characters begin differently and occupy different locations. For example, you might witness a school kidnapping or a ghost train. In any case, you need to help the heroes stay alive. The Chilla’s Art process will take about 15 to 25 minutes, it doesn’t take long. But during this time, users will have time to get goosebumps. Calculate every step and remember the traps!

Puzzles and battles!

Wherever you go, horror will await you! Very often, players will see creepy and creepy creatures. Their appearance is very creepy and therefore do everything possible not to meet them face to face. These monsters are capable of killing anyone in a few seconds! You will die, with no room for error, and start again in such cases. In these games, fans must think outside the box to complete the challenges.

Explore the territory, look for clues and other objects that will help you reach your goal. Sometimes you will be able to communicate with other characters. They can either give a hint or confuse you even more. For this reason, in Chilla’s Art you must always be alert and careful! There will also be enemies along the way that you need to defeat. Make sure you have enough strength and energy to do this.

These games always have two endings – good and bad. In the first, the process will end with good results and living main characters. And in the second case, he will die a terrible death, which was caused by mystical forces. All your decisions affect the further plot, so think twice before you do anything! You might even be able to create a plan that will get you to the finish line!