Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends is a real challenge even for those who consider themselves professionals. Here everyone can get a dose of adrenaline and enjoy it. Embark on a creepy journey and make sure you are a brave person. Test your ability to react in stressful situations, as well as reflexes. Meet the bizarre characters that will keep you dreaming at night for a very long time!

Can you handle it?

The plot of the game revolves around a group of characters who decide to have fun. They went to the amusement park to ride the merry-go-rounds and stuff. But as soon as they crossed the festive arch, something went wrong. Everything suddenly became dark and gloomy, and a portal appeared at the end of the location. Suddenly, monsters of different colors began to crawl out of there.

They took the heroes to an unknown world and now you have to survive. Each of the monsters is unique and has certain desires. But they are united by the fact that they will all kill you if you do not complete their mission. For this reason, players will have to be very attentive and dexterous in order to hold out here to the end. In total, participants will spend 5 nights at Rainbow Friends.

Each of them will offer an encounter with different colored creatures. Learn about their characteristics to stay safe and sound! Pay attention to the little things, because they make a huge difference. Do not make unnecessary sounds and noise, otherwise the opponents will notice you and start attacking! Demonstrate your quick reflexes and then you can save your life! The game has many unexpected moments!

More creepy features!

Rainbow Friends are completely different and it’s not just their color. Each of them has unique abilities. For example, Violet loves to climb ventilation pipes and keep an eye on victims. If you hear a rustle, then you need to urgently run, because it is already too close! Orange has lightning speed and therefore it is considered almost impossible to escape from it. Try your luck and see if you can do it!

Also, real fans have a great opportunity to get into other challenges. These monsters do not stand still and love to try new things! Go to no less creepy locations and try to manage one of them. Feel the difference between the enemy and the frightened poor fellow! All parts of the game have an amazing storyline that will surprise you with its atmosphere! Take part in all stages and get a lot of adrenaline! Good luck!