Who doesn’t want to become a brave adventurer and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of magic, exciting battles and treasure hunt. Adventure games are the perfect choice if you imagine yourself in this cool role. So prepare everything you need and start the game you like.

You will become the main hero of every story. This character is always in the center of all events and ready for every Adventure you want. He has superpowers, knows how to cast spells or just has good dexterity, is very smart or fast. On his way he meets various dangerous obstacles that he needs to overcome to reach the desired aim. He travels to different worlds, explores uninhabited islands and deep jungles, swims in the open sea on an old boat with cool, skilled pirates. Or he starts working as a space pilot and visits different planets, meeting their friendly or not population. Dark and scary forests and bright and friendly islands are at your disposal. And the main hero will be different every time. Whether he is a professional magician, cool super hero, adorable animal or average human, the process will be funny and fascinating.

The plot is absolutely your choice. Become the main hero of a beautiful fairy tail and save the poor princess. Fight with the huge dragons or become their friend. Try a game about animals or humans and survive till the end. And what an Adventure without exciting jigsaws. They help you move by a plot and receive the reward with the useful point-and-click mechanics. Solve fascinating quests, complete interesting levels and fully enjoy the game process. Try to play with your friends and show perfect teamwork, or be the lonely traveler.

No matter what game you pick, you will fully relish the walkthrough because of cool plots and sound effects on this site. Spend time having fun!