Creepypastas appeared a long time ago. But only recently have they become very popular. These are short stories that are aimed at scaring readers. They use characters who have a scary or even disgusting appearance. In most cases, a plot is used that cannot exist in real life. This category contains some of the best challenges. So don’t waste time searching and just get started right now!

Famous heroes!

Do you remember Momo? Female creepy face on chicken feet. This was used on social media, allegedly responding to messages and making death threats. Users massively supported this idea and became allies. True fans knew that this creature could not find out the exact address of their home and the names of their relatives. But to tickle your nerves is a completely different matter!

Developers began to use images such as this for selfish purposes. They created games with such terrible monsters and came up with a simple but brilliant plot. The gloomy atmosphere, puzzles, hints, etc. only aroused even more interest among the players. You might also have heard about Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, The Rake, Laughing Jack and so on.

What are stories based on?

In Creepypasta, the rules are always simple, which forces you not to leave the process too early. Usually the beginning creates a lot of interest and completely immerses users in the process. It will not last long, but most often has several endings. This will be surprising and therefore the participants will want to know another option for the outcome of events.

In such games, players visit an area that is located in the city. It seems ordinary, but there are several secrets there that you need to know. To do this, explore locations, look for useful items and notes with hints. In addition, you must be very careful and vigilant to cope with all the tasks. Enemies are watching your every move and can attack at the most inopportune moment!


Creepypastas have several turns of events and only you can decide which one to choose. For example, it is very common to find a plot where the narrator warns the player not to turn around. Or sites that store terrible videos that cause tension and fear.

A huge number of games have paranormal things, such as ghosts, demons and so on. Try yourself in the role of a night watchman, where you will monitor them using cameras. Don’t let them get too active. Maybe you want to try something that is based on real events?