The Stickman story began far in 1996 when Matt Calvert made the first series called Stick Figure Death Theater. From their title, you could guess it was a classical fighter, so popular then and nowadays. The viral concept spread over the internet with incredible speed.

Stickman Is Philosophy

People are still obsessed with these characters because they are easy to draw and animate. In the genre, visuals always run a few feet behind the plot, sound, and animation’s epicity. That means developers can focus on interesting content, saving time on game design.

What we have as a result is a bag full of quest and action treasures. Jail Escape, Trollface Quest, fighters, racers, casuals of all kinds—we talk mostly about point-and-click and WASD games, which keep top places despite their simple controls.

What to Play First?

If you like riddles, feel at home with countless Stickmin’s quizzes. Leaving players face to face with odd decisions is the main specialty of local developers. The life-changing clauses are often omitted, which breaks the logic of your choice and leaves you in dumbos. It’s impossible to trace the weird way of thinking, but you will fall in love with the hilarious fail cutscenes.

Like competitions? This game niche was taken over, too. Any type of sport, from soccer to tennis, and any style of fight, from box to kung-fu! Plus, plenty of neutral time killers to tap while busy. As plain and rapid in a temper as the hero you’re playing with!

The Stickman games are fond of locations. The airport, space station, basketball court, shop near your house—the creator needs only a few colors and shapes to convey the idea.

Find your favorite unblocked game here and launch them on repeat. And if you desire, become a member of the movement, animating your own action cartoons!