Kick the Buddy

Fighting and killing are bad indeed. But making illegal stuff acceptable is one of the reasons why games exist!

Sometimes, you just can’t resist throwing up your fists. And why not make it in virtuality in Kick the Buddy? Look at this bouncy rag dummy created just for a good toss! It’s mocking you with this wide smile, taunting you to improve the fighting technique with harsher deadly weapons.

Set up your fangy pets to tear the doll apart, inject poisonous fluids (let’s forget it’s a stuffed toy, okay?), bang it with a heavy hammer, cut it in half with sharpened razors, and launch nuclear missiles it will definitely not survive. Whatever you have done, you can always restart and return the game to its normal state.

Kick the Buddy Again and Again

The more exotic effects you disclose on training, the more currency points you receive. They will unlock new exciting methods to smash, throw, and crush the all-right man. Raise the level of satisfaction from destruction!

You can adjust an automatic thrashing session. Spectate how your combinations work out with your hands idly crossed. If you’re determined, you can reach the apex where the toy explodes to pieces. Thankfully, there’s nothing but a fiber filler in it, but steel-nerved individuals can add the blood element.

This game even has a wardrobe. In fact, you’re allowed to create a voodoo of your friend who hasn’t attended your party and kick the crap out of it! But it’s better to play Kick the Buddy games together for more fun ideas.

Roleplay in Browser

Each time you launch the game, invent a criminal plot behind your punishments or just walk straight into the matter. The app has no special storyline or quests to achieve as fighters usually do, making it an easy original time killer on demand for when you feel sassy, bored, or lacking cooperative entertainment.