Pico Park

Is this platformer a joy or a nightmare? What you get from this puzzle game depends on you and friends who connect to the map. But don’t think you, as the smartest one, can get to the exit alone, leaving your teammates struggling behind. The epic levels are organized specially for a crowd of pixel kittens, and a lonely kitty is just unable to jump over the long pit or up to the key in the air.

What is Your Favorite Color in Pico Park?

Pico Park perfectly adjusts to the number of users. For example, the key is hung on a lower height for a pair, while it’s the highest for 10 players. The game itself stays the same, but a plentiful club is harder to synchronize compared to a small company.

Because among characters, there is always one kitten who keeps crashing and making fatal mistakes. There is another mischievous cat who sets up enraging pranks on its teammates. And the wise grand-cat who strives to control every movement and rolls their eyes at the slightest embarrassment. Open unexpected traits of your pals in 48 amazing levels.

Have You Just Completed the Game?

Hold on, this is not the end! Other Pico Park games include the Battle mode with space arcades and simple funny challenges like who is the tallest, fastest, or most accurate. Don’t forget about the Endless mode, too! It contains a bunch of casuals like Flappy Bird, but with controls over one kitten spread among several gamers. That would be infinite puzzles for a maximum score.

This game is available to play on a single keyboard or remotely. And it can be accessed through smartphones and consoles as easily as via PCs! Notice, however, that there are two kinds of it: the newest version with remote internet access and the classic one with a local connection only. Party with mates in the world of joy and rage, friendship and challenge!