Sometimes people dream about another life. It can be a fantastic life somewhere in another world, or it can be a normal human drive to have some different experience in order to feel the contrast, or just a will for double life to have a chance to escape somewhere where everything’s going well. And to satisfy these needs people invented Simulator games. It doesn’t matter with what intention you use these, it matters the fact that they are useful one way or another.

The most popular

There are several categories that are in favor more than others. The most popular games were always those where you were able to live a full life. That’s why Sims do not lose their positions so far. There you build your life the way you want, you always can try something and if you fail with this initiative – you have a chance to start again, so it’s not that serious. Another category is emulating a profession. Try being a nail artist, or a doctor, or a veterinary, or even a driver. The developers offer a wide range of games with simple mechanics, graphic art varies from primitive 3D to extremely realistic one, but the main thing is simple gameplay.

Wide range is even wider than you imagine

Some of them are much more complex though. Cooking Simulator, for example. When you play you need to take into consideration not only the fact that you managed to gather all the ingredients, but also the way you placed them on a plate, how much of everything you put and how long you were preparing. This impacts on the reviews of customers and finally the game turns out to have many business affairs to keep in mind too.

There are many games too where you need to keep farming to make something out of resources you’ve got, many other games just combine the functions of simulators with the features of other genres. But it’s still fabulous with this incredible diversity.