We present you another famous horror story here. Meet Slendrina and try to escape from her. Many fascinating locations and interesting quests are waiting for you in this story. We bet, you are already excited for your journey. So, shall we begin?

Collect All Items to Escape

There are many different versions of this game. You appear in empty warehouse, near the dark forest, in the wide swamp, in the huge hotel or another spacious map. From the beginning you receive the important note that describes your main task. Find all necessary objects and open the main door. On every location the last part changes, because, for example, the swamp isn’t locked, and all you have is the broken auto. So your global mission transforms into fixing the car and riding away.

In this cool game you are able to pick all interactive objects, that varies according to the level. You need to collect 6 keys in the huge warehouse, and to escape from the green yard you have to find 6 notes. One thing stays the same – you will always search for special items, that are hidden in unexpected places.

Don’t forget, that it’s a horror. And not only Slendrina is your main problem here. First of all, find the small lamp, because all maps are dark and don’t have any lights. Locations are big and well-detailed, so to look for all things you need to spend time and explore the whole map.

Some of Slendrina games differ, but the plot remains the same. For example, your aim can change, so that you will collect 8 old books, or just try to reach the exit from the long maze. And the enormous houses are full of various dangerous obstacles. They cause you damage, so by trapping in them you can quickly die. Also, beware of cruel antagonist, who hides behind your back.

Slendrina – the Power Monster Who Wants to Kill You

Her appearance in every game changes, but you can recognize her by her distinctive features. Long white dress with traces of blood and dark hair make her look like the ghost from popular horror movie. And the terrifying pale face scares every skilled player. She unexpectedly appears right opposite you and causes damage.

According to the game mode, that you choose, she hurts you less or more. Remember, that to protect yourself, you need to avoid eye contact. As soon as you see her, turn your character away and don’t look at her. She quickly loses interest, disappears, so you can continue your adventure. Discover all weaknesses, that Slendrina has and beat her. Save your personage and lead him to the victory. And spooky voice effects will make your game process thrilling and scary.

Feel the adrenaline in your veins and test yourself in these spooky games. Try the real horror and don’t complain after you will see her horrifying face. Enjoy your pastime here alone, or invite friends and play together!