Minecraft was released back in 2009 and is still developing. The recent Caves and Cliffs update has shown that fans actually care about the fate of Notch’s game.

People of all ages choose this sandbox for their virtual hangouts. Several hundred high-quality servers work and thrive for fun and professional building. And that’s why this game is so popular: its total freedom of action is not just words.

Minecraft Inspires to Create

No plot and no quests—you spawn in the middle of an empty beautiful world. Every morning starts with kicking some wood. While you’re crafting wooden tools, it’s time to think about your plans for this incarnation.

Maybe a dragon diamond slayer? Or a tomb raider? Or an urban planner? Never mind, it’s all been before… What about installing some mods?

Texturize your environment and apply skins, add new cute mobs, add scary enemies, and change the gameplay from the core. Fight with holy powers of the sky realm Aether, animate your city shell with Industrial Craft, prepare a bunker for the Solar Apocalypse, and make your Steve a thirsty forest outcast with Survive mod!

Pixel artists even make money on the cubic design. The architectural skill is in demand on servers because neatly built spawns draw user traffic. The game became a second job for good builders long ago.

Cooperate to Roleplay

You can play the game alone, but server players always welcome newbies! Choose a small local or a large multiplayer map, vanilla or modified, PVP or PVE inclined. But the foolproof method is uniting with the friends you know. Quarter your guild in the village and defend it from nomads or take a futuristic route in the fancy nano-helmet.

Minecraft games are a pleasure for both knights and villagers. Start the golden rush, run to the edge of the map, and modify your cubic planet in unblocked applications here!