Fancade is for those who like to make their brain work! Here players will travel to a universe made of blocks. Anyone who comes here once will not be able to leave! These entertainments are completely unique and have a separate approach to each of them. In this category, fans will be able to find challenges on any topic and enjoy the process. Discover new abilities or remember old ones!

Amazing challenges!

Welcome to bright locations with amazing puzzles! In these games, players will be able to engage in various activities that will improve logic and more. Demonstrate how well you can think, how attentive you are, and so on. It is also very important to have a good memory and reaction. This will really come in handy for the participants and there are plenty of explanations for it.

For example, users will go to a location where they will help a dinosaur. He stands on one of the platforms that are painted gray. The goal of this character is to paint all the slabs in bright colors. To do this, you must guide the hero left, right, forward and backward! But this must be done very carefully, otherwise one wrong move can lead to a dead end in Fancade. Calculate your steps ahead so as not to fall into your own trap!

Cool stories!

These games combine several genres that each player loves very much. Get the benefits without getting out of bed! These puzzles will force you to think outside the box, all in order to win. Each successful level will open new ones that are even more interesting. As soon as you reach the end point, this fragment will be imprinted. Keep these successes to always remember that you are great!

Fancade offers users a huge selection of entertainment. Drive a car that always flips over and find your balance! Guide two heroes from one point to another at once without losing any of them! Break blocks using other ones! Find the right moment to create the perfect conditions for completing the rounds! Push the path to get the results you need and enjoy what you get! Collect a collection that will prove that you are capable of much!

Find out how smart and creative you are! In these games you can also often find labyrinths where you need to make quick decisions. Or paint the entire area in one of the colors on the screen. Try to understand which one you need to choose to complete the task! All these challenges will bring many different emotions. Remember that tension is normal and you definitely can’t cope without it!