The Sims

The Sims games are the clearest slice of life. Without exaggeration, you can do whatever you want in reality, but with an editor’s console. The game explodes with possibilities in the original version, and there’s even more content in expansions!

The town belongs to you. Change its evolution route from the bird’s-eye view: add and remove eventful facilities, create and import families, take control over the quality of city living.

But the coolest part starts with creating your own sim. The character studio can produce you the whole BTS band, not mentioning aliens, demons, and vampires. Even when in the game, you can expand their wardrobe, do make-up, and try new hairstyles.

Your characters go out into The Sims’ open world, where they will never get bored! (unless you want them to). Build mansions, party with university friends in night bars, terrorize the town with your Addams family, hunt for the rainbow unicorn, or do it all at the same time! You’ll have lots to explore for years with everyday whims, lifetime wishes, a diary of memories, and parenthood.

If you’re tired of reminding your wards that spoiled food leads to poisoning, adjust their level of will in the game settings. You can make them utterly helpless or completely automate their actions. The same is for the life length. Challenge yourself with the colibri timespan or educate Da Vinci in the longest play possible. If you become too attached, your person can discover the Ambrosia recipe and live in the simulator forever.

Make sure you know popular hacking commands. The console makes you invincible to the consequences of your actions. You can find codes in the large The Sims community together with impressive game movies, reviews on official and unofficial mods, and bug support. Forge the best of fates for your characters, and let them thank you with emotions in return.