Billie Bust Up

Billie Bust Up is a challenge that will make everyone follow the beat! This story will appeal to those who love adventures with cool characters. Here players will witness many events that will make them nervous. But you can also enjoy cool moments that will surprise and amuse you! Be careful to get to the end and never fall!

Main plot!

The main character is a goat who wants to learn magic. Her father was a professional in this, but unfortunately he disappeared a long time ago. Perhaps this idea will help you find him and become close again. In order to carry out the plan, you have to go on a journey with many dangers. Of course, the hero will not be alone, because he has friends! In the game they will always be together, no matter what happens!

Meet the cunning fox who can do many things according to fairy tales. Players will also be able to watch a kind axolotl who can find a way out of any situation. Only together will friends be able to walk this path and reach the goal! Help the guys, because this will be really difficult! Who knows what awaits you ahead! Always be careful and attentive in Billie Bust Up! One mistake can cost the creature’s life, so don’t let it happen!

Music is cool!

The main task in this challenge is to follow the rhythm. It seems simple, but it was not so! Players must be focused to cope with these difficult tests. Focus on the process and jump to the sound of the beats! Moving platforms, slimes and monsters will make you fall, but don’t give up on this game!

Fans will be able to visit cool and vibrant places with beautiful graphics. But their colorfulness does not mean that everything will be fine. Everything will be the other way around, because magic is prohibited! Only the bravest and strongest are allowed to master this ideally. Prove in Billie Bust Up that you are worthy and go to the end!

Each character has a song that is full of individual characteristics. Find out about everyone to find out what you like best! Enjoy the sound and be surprised by your own capabilities! Don’t forget that you can use an umbrella, which will help in quests! In addition, in the game, fans can create various shields, use bait and much more!

Take part in this fun alone or with friends. If you do it as a team, it will be much more interesting. Discuss the main topics and share tips or necessary information. You can always escape from traps or monsters, you just need to find the right way! Unlock additional modes and have fun!