Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is a horror game. You will need to visit a building abandoned by people many years ago and explore it. But in fact, you need to be extremely careful, because there will be more than just your presence in the building.

Uncover the secret of the sinister room!

The story is that ten years ago, a strange incident occurred in a toy factory, during which all employees disappeared without a trace. At the moment, terrible and inexplicable things are happening in the building. At night, you can hear how the equipment itself turns on and works or hear a strange noise, as if someone was walking along long corridors. You need to figure out what exactly happened on that day, and who now has access to the premises.

The game has a huge number of rooms with door codes installed. You will need to try to find all the necessary keys, while solving puzzles!! Do you dare to enter a scary building, not knowing what awaits you? If you are a brave person then this game is for you!

Can you escape the scary toys?

Toys are your enemies in Poppy Playtime. They look cute enough, but in fact, they were captured by evil spirits and now their goal is to kill you!

The creepiest toy in the game is the Huggy Wuggy. It is a blue monster several dozen feet tall. His wonderful smile can change into an evil grin in a second. This will mean that he is determined to kill you right now!

Or what about the cute doll that every little girl dreams of? She’s also dangerous! Not only does her terrible gait inspire great fear, but also her ability to speak. There will be too many bloodthirsty toys in the building, so be always ready to fight with them! Each of them will try to do everything to ensure that you leave before you find all the answers!

Try to defeat all the monsters and solve the main secret of the plant in Poppy Playtime games! Play new update and have fun!