Siren Head

Meet one of the most popular villains on the Internet in exciting games on this site. You won’t beat Siren Head, so the only way to save your character is to escape from his dark forest. Let’s see if you have enough skills to do it and stay alive. All Siren Head games are here at your disposal

Thrilling Horror for Really Brave Guys

You appear in a dark forest all alone with many scary monsters around. But your biggest problem is a huge monster that makes you tremble in fear with only his look. Despite Siren Head has huge speakers on top of his body, he moves quietly and unexpectedly appears behind your back.

Siren Head has a long thin body with enormous hands that reach ground and two loudspeakers. 40 metres long he will find you in any part of forest, even if you try to hide. So he is a dangerous enemy that can destroy you and kill.

What to Do If You Want to Escape?

All these games have a special mission – you need to not only find exit but save other people, who are trapped in different cages and traps. You will feel a real horror, walking around the huge terrifying thicket searching for poor victims to free them.

To complete all tasks you need to pass different interesting quests and solve jigsaws. After a successful end, receive your reward and purchase useful upgrades for the process. Collect cool trophies and money that drops from it after your victory and use them in store.

Some games allow you to use various weapons in fight with this fearsome monster. At the beginning you only had a simple small gun. To kill it with your weapon you need to avoid its attacks and take breaks, before continuing to shoot.

After a couple victories you have the opportunity to purchase more destructive weapons that cause Siren Head serious damage. Find a perfect weapon for you – massive shotgun, accurate sniper rifle or compact revolver, and go destroy this horrible beast.

Necessary Equipment

In the beginning you only have one flashlight that lights only a small area. By wandering around the forest you are able to find different notes with helpful hints and frightening threats. Pick them and discover a strange horror story about the main antagonist and his victims.

Also, to complete most games you need massive guns that are also lying on the ground around you. Pick them and search for ammunition. To pass other quests and save trapped people you have to look for various tools and keys in dense bushes and horrifying buildings. Different sound effects and music add a horror part to the process, so you fully feel the atmosphere.

Invite your friends and enjoy these fascinating games together. All game versions of this cool product are presented on this site, so choose the perfect one and press start button now.