The Amazing Digital Circus

The Amazing Digital Circus is a challenge with an unusual plot. Everyone who spent at least 10 minutes here loved it. A story about six friends who were sent to a strange world. Now their main task is to get out of here and return home. But is this even possible? Today you will figure it out, and also learn many other secrets!

Where did it all start?

As you already understood, a group of characters decided to go on an adventure. But at one point something went wrong and they woke up in an unknown place. This universe resembles a strange dream in which everything is bright and catchy. The guys woke up and realized that they didn’t remember anything about their past. In addition, they were wearing someone else’s clothes. Even their appearance became different, which made them very wary. Now they want to find a way out of this world and you will help them in this game.

The heroes will try different ways to escape. But so far there is no one that would really help them. Users will go with them on a long journey, where they will meet other heroes. There are also a huge number of obstacles and traps prepared on the territory. All this was done by the evil director who rules this universe. He wants to teach the guys real tricks to please the audience in the future. There’s a lot of craziness in store for fans in The Amazing Digital Circus!


In total, six comrades ended up in this world. Each of them has certain characteristics and talents. Perhaps the developers hid the real meaning that players will find in the game. It seems that all the characters represent something that has great significance in reality. Can you figure out what it is? There are also many minor creatures here that will surprise everyone.

Some of your new friends may be working in pairs. Some people absolutely prefer to be alone. If you think that The Amazing Digital Circus is a place where there will be only joy and fun, then you are mistaken. Despite the beautiful and vibrant atmosphere, it will be full of conflicts and contradictions. Witness how all the inhabitants of the world argue and try to lead the team!

Fans in this game will have to run through dangerous areas, jump over obstacles and much more. In addition, you can solve puzzles that require intelligence and attentiveness. Be attentive to notice the little things that may lead you to success. Or perhaps you will stay here forever to spin a hula hoop, show funny tricks or tell jokes.