The Backrooms

The Backrooms will make everyone feel tense and uncomfortable. Here, fear haunts the players on the heels and it is impossible to get rid of it. Are you ready to face your problems that do not leave your thoughts? Today you will go to a place from which it is almost impossible to get out.

Atmosphere and purpose!

In the game, fans will go to a room that is deep underground. Nobody knows how you got here. But there is a goal and that is to get to freedom. This can only be done by constantly moving forward. The building looks like a labyrinth due to the interweaving of corridors and rooms. Try to go into each to find out what is hidden there.

It is very easy to get lost here, so leave marks. Also, players should constantly check their watches. Look at them every 30 seconds and remember where you came from and who you really are. In a bad case, the participants will get confused and just wander around in circles. In The Backrooms, unexpected situations will constantly occur, so be prepared.

The developers did a good job to create the right atmosphere. There is not much light in the building, and darkness is the worst enemy. There are blood stains on the walls, old carpets on the floor. It seems that you can even feel this unpleasant smell. But in the game you need not pay attention, because it distracts and slows down the progress.

Don’t go crazy!

The Backrooms has many secret passages that can lead to a dead end. For this reason, you may pay attention to the little things, such as graffiti. They were left by those who were here before you. They failed to complete the mission, but maybe you can handle this case.

Don’t forget that somewhere here lives a monster that watches every step. Don’t meet him or you’ll stay here forever like the previous explorers. In the game you need to be careful and quickly respond to suspicious sounds. Hide in narrow passages so that the enemy does not get you!

Brilliant plan!

When it seems like there is no way out, think again. It is always there, you just need to think wider! Use logic to find the right option to get the desired result. Be responsible enough to continue down this road and be the first to make it to the end! Don’t lose your sanity!

There are too many secrets here, so try to uncover them all. Collect artifacts that will bring you closer to the solution. Also, with their help, you can simplify the task as much as possible. This challenge will test your reaction, courage and bravery!