Solar Smash

Solar Smash is a treasure finding for fans of space and explosive science. Aim melting rays to Earth and fire! The destruction of your homeworld feels oddly natural.

The game’s appearance is made up of Solar system pictures captured by NASA telescopes. So yes, you’re looking at the real Earth, Mars, Venus, giant Sun at a distance, and the Milky Way tail in the background. That’s incredible!

Our World is Fragile to Smash

Though the game developers offer ten planets, one of which can be terraformed, players prefer roasting the good old Earth. It’s easier to imagine the damage of UFO beams thundering your town, the giant cosmic worm slithering out of the hell, and god-like ghosts scraping away the familiar horizon. You can begin from your country and watch its game population dashingly decrease.

Discover Mysteries of the Universe

Just to finish you, Paradyme has inserted numerous easter eggs. The game menu with flat, donut, snowman, or ghost sphere forms is only a drop in the ocean. A simple logic works wonders: for example, slicing the surface with a laser to receive a flat Earth or demolishing it with ghosts for a purple transparent jelly ball.

Other secrets of Solar Smash are hidden far better, and gamers usually discover them by accident. They play for weeks without a guess that the Death Star casts a bulletproof shield after five restorations, or that they’re able to down the Sun to the flat Earth.

Giving up more about our star: miss a few ammo towards it, and erase the whole Solar System in a moment with a fountainous explosion of stellar remnants. Slow-mo is highly recommended.

One of those rare destruction simulators focused not on hate but on awakening curiosity for exploration. Unlock secrets of Solar Smash games, staging the most fearful Apocalypse scenarios! What will you discover next?