My Talking Angela

Many people like taking care of someone or something. More often, these are the living creatures, but sometimes, there’s no possibility to have one. For such cases we have games from the category of taking care. And this category includes My Talking Angela games, where you have not only to take care of the character, but to go along with her in her journey through life. And that means support her in some beginnings, advise her in relationships, and be happy with her after the first kissing.


Our main character is a cat. From the very beginning of her life we must be with her and make her sure that we’re always here to support her. But in the beginning that’s secondary. First, you need to take care of this tiny creature with incredibly huge and beautiful eyes. She grows up step by step and soon she’s talking.

There’s no child before you, but a curious teenager with her preferences and temper. And of course as any teen she likes to dress up and to wear makeup, so you need to go along with her and to help her form the taste in matters of choosing outfits and using cosmetics. Anyway, even if the game seems a little boring to you from the beginning, take your time in making conclusions.

Original and others

My Talking Angela was the first release, and then other games of the series appeared, but with the other characters we need to take care of. So in old versions you will not find Tom or Hank. But, despite a number of variations of My Talking Angela, it does not become the other one. It saves its characteristic features which help to hold the audience and keep the fan-base. The fact that developers try to step it up a notch makes us think that a good leisure time for the players means a lot to them.

So it doesn’t matter in fact what game of the series you will choose to play – it will make you have lots of pleasure.