Scary Teacher 3D

What to do if your professor in school threatens you and makes you tremble in fear? Take revenge, of course. But when you finally get the desired chance to take your revenge, you discover a frightening truth. This thrilling plot is waiting for you in these horrifying games, so press the start button now.

Fantastic Horror With Exciting Quests

In Scary Teacher 3D you are playing as an average girl who enjoys her school days. But it turns out that her strict professor didn’t like her at first sight.

Horror part begins from school, where she gives you bad grades, beats you and interrupts your peaceful school life. But the most exciting stage of games starts from the moment you come to her house.

Long dark halls, terrifying rooms and this spooky lady will make you feel a horror. Developers also added strange sound effects that fully immerse you in the atmosphere of these games.

How to Play?

Controls in Scary Teacher 3D are easy – you just have to move across the house, explore various rooms and pick necessary objects. Take a look at strange notes that are scattered around the building. They can give useful tips and advice, or scare you with terrible threats.

And you are also able to discover a mystical horror story that this lady hides. To beat her, win Scary Teacher 3D and escape house alive you need to solve difficult riddles and jigsaws. You have to infuriate her, so add a spicy pepper to her food, throw needles around and place other unexpected traps.

Move carefully. In these games your enemy can hear all your noises. With a special camera you are able to see everything that happens behind your back. But don’t think that it will make these games less fearsome.

She can unexpectedly attack you by appearing behind you in this small monitor. Don’t let her catch you, because the consequences are very bad. You start all journeys from beginning and whole progress doesn’t save. If you hear her, run away or hide in lifesaving shelters.

Save Other Poor Victims Too

After you explore a couple rooms, you understand that she also hates animals, so she put them in many cages around her home. In Scary Teacher 3D you have multiple tasks. In addition to escaping yourself, you need to save all animals and free them.

Complete interesting quests, use tools and items that you found and open all cages. Search all premises, and remember to look into the basement. There you will discover her biggest secret, so prepare yourself for the shocking culmination of your adventure.

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