The forest has wood to build, bunnies to eat, stones to make a fire, and water to drink. The common location for the survival game genre is lush with resources and is still extremely difficult to get out alive. Now, Raft games begin in the middle of the ocean. You have nothing around but tons of non-consumable saltwater and hungry sharks. You only hope is a plank of wood you’re clinging to and a plastic hook. Accept this impossible challenge from Android and PC!

Bear Duties of Raft Captain!

The first few game hours are the riskiest ones. Your tiny patch of a solid surface is loosely floating where the waves bring it, and sea monsters bite off scarce pieces of planks trying to get you. It is very important to save energy. So, a few beginner tips would be: don’t take excessive actions, keep away from the edge, focus on planks, food, and drinkable water. In other words, don’t panic, and you’ll get to the next step without a problem.

And the next step is expanding your flat house enough to craft basic tools like the distiller and grill. As you have already understood, placing things at the edge in this game is a very bad idea. As well as dying with the full inventory. Your possessions will disappear unless you play with friends that are brave enough to bring you to the hammock.

Gather Best Multiplayer Survival Team

Thankfully, it is a cooperative game. Invite as many friends as you want and beat the record by building the largest raft! After all, someone has to alarm the captain about a land in the distance. Good news, but it can have no resources, and secondly, it can be filled with angry, wild bears and boars! An expedition is as risky as diving for sunken treasures into hungry depths. No matter what, don’t lose hope for meeting civilized humans again in the unblocked edition on the site!