Survival Horror

In recent years, survival horror games are gaining particular popularity among players.
The video game industry is constantly evolving, which is very good for the quality. One of the main advantages of this development is that now players are given the opportunity to see the virtual world through the eyes of the main characters.

Thanks to this, it becomes much easier to experience all the features of the game. After all, now you can go to the most realistic world of monsters or aliens.

Is not that cool to be among your own nightmares, In this genre, there is a variety of games.
All of them are full of different riddles, terrible stories, mazes, and other similar adventures. For many people, survival horror can be pretty realistic, because it is a real test of the emotional and mental state.

What is special about this genre?

Real survival horror is not only monsters, blood, and unexpected moments. After all, just zombies and little scary sounds are not enough, is it? It should be unforgettable! A big role is played by the gameplay, and the story itself. Real survival horror must be dark and keep big secrets that you have to solve. After all, one of the main features is the increase in creep and fear during the walkthrough of the game.

This genre is suitable only for those who do not mind-tickling their nerves at all.
Usually, the action in this genre takes place somewhere in closed mansions, hospitals, or other huge buildings, as well as in cities shrouded in darkness. Moreover, the main character of the story is a very ordinary person, without any super abilities. The walkthrough becomes as realistic as possible.

Tips for players

The whole point of the game is to get out of this creepy world as quickly as possible and of course, survive. You need to be very smart and think through each next step on the go. You will have to meet both small monsters and glorious bosses in different locations, with which the battle will no longer be so easy.

Survival conditions can be as tough as possible. In some games, even the lighting appears on a schedule. You will have to hide from the monsters, play hide-and-seek with them literally! Ammo runs out much faster, which only increases the stress level, and the dead silence makes you go crazy. Some points you will have to go through again if you cannot react quickly enough. This will toughen you up before fighting the main antagonists of the virtual world.

Do not forget about the limited inventory and that you will have to choose between a first aid kit or a new weapon. Of course, you can choose the level of difficulty of passing, if you are not ready to challenge yourself.
Real survival horror has the most unexpected scenario. You will have to take risks, go to meet your nightmares, and be as brave as possible.

Monsters, terrifying sounds, blood, and a creepy environment. Face your worst fear.