Are you nostalgic for the old days that you can’t bring back? Do you want to feel like the one who had spent time with great enthusiasm on the old console even once? Does it seem impossible to you? Sega games will give you this opportunity! Immerse yourself in that wonderful time, along with all the games presented in this category.

What can you get here?

The genesis of Sega started because many players wanted to revive the past and plunge into the atmosphere when this industry was just starting to emerge. Many games since then were transformed for a new format and technologies. Now you don’t have to look for your old console too deep into that time.

All you need is what you have. So just choose and start. Call your friends to relax together. And even if you didn’t have a chance to play when all this had just begun, do it now. And you will see that it is so funny and cool. You will understand why so many people like it and try to emerge.

Switch on the Xbox and try everything that is offered. These are football, legendary tetris, Sonic the greatest character ever with a huge number of fans, shooters and others. Use the possibility and come into this retro universe. You can do it alone or with other players. Try to complete as many levels as possible.

Check out the graphics that were unrealistically cool at that time. Feel this taste the more the better! Just surrender to the process and get an unforgettable experience. This is something that will delight you at any time!

Sega opens the door to the history of games for you. Invites you to spend time together and find out what the first generation of players was like. You will definitely like it! But don’t think it will be easy! Not at all, you will have to make an effort to win in any of the games presented! So don’t waste time and open the one you like most!