Goat Simulator

Surely in childhood everyone wanted to feel like an animal. Someone wanted to become a cat, someone a dog, and someone a horned creature! In Goat Simulator we will make the dream of the last ones come true! Here, fans can have a cool and fun time, as well as forget about all the problems. This challenge can be called stupid, but that’s what attracts everyone!

Chaos on the streets?

This game has a huge map, so there will definitely be where to turn around. Our advice is to visit all the places that exist! This will add the necessary emotions and leave a positive mark. Where do you want to go first? To the park, garage, clearing or road? It’s rush hour now, which means there are too many cars on the tracks. Here will be a surprise for the locals when they see you! Do you think they will be happy or scared?

Controlling the animal will be as easy as shelling pears, so don’t worry. He is obedient and has a great interest in following your commands. Just point it in the necessary directions and watch it rush through the city! Players can also increase their speed or perform stunts in the Goat Simulator. Tricks will allow you to do crazy things, like hit with a hoof or gore with horns. It will be much cooler to flip the vase with a somersault!

Collective process!

As you explore this crazy world, you may meet other characters. They don’t mind having fun together, so pitch your idea to them. It’s best if the participants make a plan of action to make as many stupid situations as possible! The game is very easy to interact with the characters and the environment. On the left are buttons that allow you to select multiple actions. Bite, jump and more!

Also you can invite your friends to wreak havoc together. This will add additional motivation and make you constantly move forward! What can you do to finally get kicked out of the country? Nothing, because there are no laws! It’s very cool that there are no specific missions or tasks in Goat Simulator. Thus, everyone can forget about their correctness and do what they have long dreamed of!

Do not forget that one of the most important goals in the game is to destroy! You can get rid of almost everything here, so try it! Although the players will not have any additional resources or tools, it will still be real. Do it in different ways and keep looking for new ones! Remember that with the help of your hooves you can achieve anything you want! Prove to everyone that you are a pro in this matter!