The Binding Of Isaac

The Binding Of Isaac games that are based on a biblical story about Abraham and Isaac. Games of this genre are quite creepy and frightening. It causes a storm of emotions and is very addictive. You can play without stopping! The incredible story, interesting graphics and uneasy challenges that drive you crazy.

About the plot

The Binding Of Isaac starts when the mother of the main character tries to reach repentance with the help of her son Isaak. Sounds not really funny, especially when he understands that she is going to kill him. But before she makes an irreparable mistake, the boy has time to hide in the basement. But the adventure doesn’t end there. Because there he is also not left alone. The basement is teeming with monsters.

A chance to stay alive

To help the little boy in this game you have to overcome many difficulties and die many times, meet an angel, who can help. But be careful, don’t fall into a trap! Not everyone who seems to be good and kind is really like that. You will face Azazel and there you can be frightened mostly. To keep fighting for your life, you better collect as many items as possible. On different levels of the basement you should take something important!

The last step is the hardest – meeting the boss. The Binding Of Isaac has prepared the creepiest evil ever! And some good news: In this game you can not only be afraid of every sound and cry, but also fight and kill using only your eyes! The lasers that you let out of your eyes and deadly tears will become your weapon in the fight against evil.

This game pumps all the survival skills that exist! Increase your chances of winning by finding important artifacts! Don’t dare give in to fear! Otherwise, everything will end very quickly. Losing every time, you have to start all over again, remember this before taking the next step in TBOI!