Dress Up

The popular guy asked you on a date and you quickly need the gorgeous outfit? The beautiful prince arranges a huge party in the castle and you need to show everyone luxurious look? Or you just need some fashion advice to create the perfect costume for a photoset for the popular magazine? Help women from these stories to solve their problem and become their stylist.

Pick the game you like and start the transformation

The main feature that unites all Dress Up games is the huge wardrobe with various costumes for the main heroine. Look among all the clothes to find the cute skirts, trendy shirts and classic trousers if your client is going to the important work meeting. Choose a pink top and jeans shorts for the average date in the park. Think about the brilliant combination of modern costume and fashionable shoes for the party in your friend’s house. And don’t forget about matching accessories, like a leather bag, golden earrings and cool sunglasses. But the game doesn’t stop on this stage.

Products from the Dress Up genre usually consist of different parts

First, you go shopping to combine the perfect outfit for the main heroine. Then, you take the role of make-up artist and professional hairdresser. In the game you can find various trendy hairstyles, like the high ponytail, adorable braids and stylish curls. Think about what hairstyle will be the best for girl and go to the next stage. The amazing transformation that made her a real doll needs to be fixed. Choose the background, take a photo and share your work on social media. Play other products to change the life for the biggest number of these poor ladies. Help them find their happiness and love.

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