TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is for those who are not afraid of mistakes. The process stands out for its unique approach to fighting simulation. It offers players the chance to create armies from various military units and witness chaotic and funny conflicts. If you like action and adrenaline rush, then welcome!

Great simulation!

At the heart of this game is the ability to create your own armies, choosing from a variety of characters.From knights since the Middle Ages and archers to space pirates! Players can choose special positions for them and observe the chaotic movements. This challenge uses a physics engine, which makes the combat comical. Classes react to the environment and the actions of others, creating unique and unexpected situations.

Participants can feel a campaign consisting of various levels and scenarios. In TABS, they have to fight different types of enemies and use strategic techniques to win. In addition, users can create their own scripts. The tools for this allow players to make unique levels. This allows you to expand your attainments and contribute to the development of the entire community.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator also has a mode in which several people can gather at once. Fans can fight each other, test their strategies and the strength of their hosts against others. The process is known for its humor and stylized visuals. Comic moments in conflicts and unpredictable behavior make this not only exciting, but also amusing. The developers regularly release updates that will not let fans get bored in the game!

Experiments with the genre!

Each update to TABS may introduce changes to unit balance. Witness new abilities or change fight settings. This supports a dynamic process that requires users to constantly adapt. Developers can introduce new mechanics and ideas, bringing a fresh perspective to the simulation genre. This keeps it fresh even for those who have been following versions since their release.

Some levels in the game include elements, providing unique challenges, goals, and opportunities for variety. The process offers the ability to emulate historical events, creating armies from different eras and cultures. This adds an educational element by allowing players to virtually recreate historical stories. Competitions create an additional layer of adrenaline and encourage participants to improve their skills.