FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy)

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror adventure. This game will make you survive among the creepy killer toys for five whole nights. As soon as night falls, these little creatures come to life.

Welcome to children’s nightmares

The game plot develops around the main FNAF character – Mike Schmidt, who urgently needed money. To solve the problem and earn money, he got a job as a security guard. Now he is the security guard of a pizzeria in an entertainment center for children. Of course, he will have to work at night, when everything changes. There are many different rooms under his control in the game. Your task is to inspect these rooms several times during the night to make sure that everything is in order. Unfortunately, you have limited energy resources. You can use the security cameras, but only temporarily. As soon as you exhaust the energy limit, the electricity will simply disappear.

However, the toys hold a great secret. Probably, each of us as a child thought that toys come to life at night. Scary, isn’t it? Imagine that this is reality. You are in the company of scary alive toys at night. However, this is not the kind teddy bear or cat.

This is what awaits you next in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Although initially these robots were created to entertain children. Something in the game went wrong and now their behavior has become completely unpredictable. The owner of the pizzeria explains this by saying that they must be on the move all the time. At nightfall, they turn into some kind of bloodthirsty creatures. They are trying to hunt you down all the game.

Become another toy

Mike listens to someone’s advices on the phone throughout the night. The guy talks about how these robots are very dangerous. They want to catch the main FNAF character and put him in one of the costumes. After all, Mike looks very different to them. Moreover, that could easily kill him. That is why it is so important to make sure they do not sneak into the security guard’s room. There are several entrances to the room. You have to close them in case the robots are close to you.

A terrible story turns into reality.

Be on the alert. Carefully check the cameras to be safe.

One night lasts about five minutes of real time. Therefore, you will have enough time to escape. In addition, you can also purchase an additional survival kit in the FNAF. It includes unlimited energy, accelerated night, and radar. It will be much easier for you to survive this terrible time with this set.

Are you ready to meet the animated toys face to face and win the game?