Do you remember good old Granny with her scary monsters and huge dark house? Here you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of real horror and experience fear. Meet all familiar antagonists and explore all cool Granny games here. Despite their cartoon design they have some frightening surprises for you.

Granny and Her Pets

Your scary adventure starts from a small dark room in enormous building. In the beginning of the game you wake up and realize horrible things – you are locked here with fearsome monsters.

From the note on the wall you discover that other victims were also trapped here in the middle of the forest. They warn you, you have only five days before spooky Granny finds you to kill. Search for the escape from this house and run away until it’s too late.

The best thing in this horror is that you have many bloodthirsty enemies who want your death. Terrifying beasts are waiting for you in different rooms making this game more interesting. Horrible spider, big black crown and cruel grandfather are hiding in the mansion protecting useful things. You can kill and outsmart them, so choose your own way. And various useful objects like weapons and tools will help you with these missions.

Find Keys to Unlock All Doors

All you have to do is complete this single task. But don’t think it is so easy. The game is full of difficult and exciting quests, so you won’t get bored. And always remember about the scary old lady wandering around, looking for your poor character. The thing is, she may not see very well but has excellent hearing.

As soon as you drop heavy objects on the floor, close the door or make another small noise, she runs to you with only one aim. Every time she beats you, the current day ends and you receive damage. By the fifth day your condition becomes critical, and all you can do is collect all keys and run away through the main exit.

Developers added a bunch of different endings, crazy creatures and interactive objects to this horror. Unlock all good finals to discover all variants of your escape. Take a look at secret endings with interesting plot twists. And don’t get upset because of fails you still are able to watch exciting and scary scenes of your death.

The games here are updated to the latest versions, so you are available to relish the full story. Despite there are many variants of this game here, the plot is primarily the same. But some give you the ability to invite friends, create a brave team and play together. Your buddies have the possibility to get full access to all Granny products on every simple device here.

Try these cool games now and escape the terrible house. Lead your personage to freedom, enjoy it alone or with brave friends. No matter what path you choose, you will definitely feel this breathtaking horror atmosphere.