Ice Scream

Welcome to the horror world where an evil ice cream vendor kidnaps and freezes people.
A small company called Keplerians developed the Ice Scream. Despite the fact that it does not have realistic graphics and unlimited features, the app has become one of the favorites of the horror genre. The game is available on the Android and IOS platforms.

Childhood fears

Do you remember such a familiar melody from your childhood, which meant one thing: there is an ice cream van nearby, and you will soon be able to eat goodies? In the Ice Scream, the role of the seller will play an evil ice cream man named Rod, who hunts people and freezes them in his creepy van.

In the game, you find yourself in the place of a little boy who is the only one, who saw that. The future fate of these people depends on you. You have to get into the van, solve the scary mystery of the main antagonist and save the frozen kids.

You should be very careful because the enemy reacts to your every move. Therefore, you need to distract him so that he does not see where you are and what you are doing. Otherwise, you risk being caught eyes and not be able to save your friends.

In this game, you will visit many different locations. Each of them has new puzzles and secrets that you have to solve and new children that you have to save.

You can choose different difficulty modes: ghost, normal or hard. It depends on how much you are ready to be acquainted with the world of Ice Scream.

A distinctive feature of the Ice Scream is that there is no blood or creepy monsters, which means that it is suitable for a huge number of players.

New stories – new adventures

The game has several different additions, which feature new locations and new adventures.
For example, in the game Minecraft there is a map with the main antagonist Rod. You will see how the Family kidnaps another child and your task is already clear: to survive and save the child. This is a real quest where you need to search for items and apply them correctly. Of course, do not forget to be careful not to attract the attention of the ice cream seller.

There is also another part of the Ice Scream games. This time, Rod kidnaps your friend and your neighbor Liz. Unfortunately, you are the only one who can save poor children. Therefore, you will need to get into the van, solve all the puzzles and save the poor children. Rod is always ready to catch you, so be careful, because problems can expect you everywhere.

If you like a few horror quests, in which there is no blood, but there are interesting tasks, then this app is perfect for you. Because it is not like other horror quests where you have to kill scary monsters. However, the background of the locations and the scenery will make you feel uncomfortable and maybe even scare you.

A small secret of the game is that in it you can take revenge on the enemy! Yes, exactly. You can hit him on the road with his own van and stop this terrible chain of kidnappings of poor children forever.