Flee from the jail, be in time on a date, stay put as long as you can! Let’s test the reaction and concentration you’re proud of. Running games are always a challenge, and you can’t miss the party.

Running for Golden Pot

You know, there is always a pot full of sparkling jewels at the end of the rainbow. This game genre puts you in a similar situation: you’re rushing towards the desired goal that awaits you beyond the horizon. Whether you will handle the path or not depends on your reaction, coordination, and accuracy.

Be an agent and hide from rivals who have revealed your disguise. Preserve your shiny long hair from circular saws and scissors on the game catwalk. Ride and crunch bottles, toothpaste, chocolate pies under wheels to hear those balmy sounds. As you see, the running genre offers lots of settings for any taste.

Seconds to Decide

A rush game is pressing with obstacles you must overpass instantly. You don’t even have time to think! It is your muscular reaction and high focus that decide whether you will survive the round. And this can be easily nailed when you memorize crucial movements and patterns.

However, an additional counter will raise your adrenaline level drastically. It can be a score of enemies you shoot on the way or extra stars you catch on dangerous platforms. This requires a special mastery, and you will need to repeat the level to reach it. Sometimes, the ace performance is obliged: for example, to open a new location or unlock a super character.

You will love a rush game if failures only make you stronger, if you don’t mind hitting a restart button dozens of times for the sake of perfection. Jumping over a single barrier for the tenth time is surely infuriating, but it’s worth the effort. Play popular applications presented on the page and find your favorite one!