Friday Night Funkin

Friday night funkin’ is a project that was developed in the early 2000s.

Despite the fact that the game does not have the usual cool graphics for many players, it is very popular. The secret of success lies in the fact that today Friday Night Funkin’ has new gameplay, new ideas, and of course graphics. This is a rather unusual popular quest in the style of indie, in which you have to perform musical actions to achieve the girl.

However, it is not so simple, because it prevents her father. Of course, in the beginning, there is a little training, after which you fully open all the functionality of the game. At the moment, the project works on the PC and Android platforms. It is also available on the Newgrounds.


The story is that the main character is a guy who really wants to kiss his hot girlfriend. Nevertheless, on his way to her, there is one obstacle – the former rock star dad of the girl. He is ready to kill the poor boy before he gets to his daughter. What should you do to win?

Use the power of rhythm and dance to get to your girl’s heart and defeat the evil rocker! Throughout the story, you will meet many new opponents as her mom or with whom you will have to fight for your girl. You will also meet a rapper, who will challenge you to rap battle.

If you are a fan of simple but interesting games and do not like to use a lot of keys, then this is a great choice. You just need to press the main control buttons at the time when the game asks you to do it, it is important to get into the rhythm with the song.

Arrow hints will appear on the screen. By pressing each arrow in time with the corresponding key, you earn points. At the bottom of the screen will be an indicator that determines the winner. There you can track your progress at any time of the game. The rhythm battle is updated every week; it will take enough time to play all weeks.

Features of the game

The music is quite diverse and interesting, just like a real party! There are a lot of cool modern songs out there. Of course, all of them are sorted by complexity: from the simplest to the most complex. That is why everybody can play it. There are even songs that were written specifically for it. As for the graphics, this is the highlight.

Cartoon graphics, just like it was years ago, give a special charm. In some mods, you can find graphics in the pixel art style. The game is constantly evolving. The team has numerous developers who are constantly adding new additions, mods. In addition to the developers, many mods for the game were added to the battle by the fans themselves.

Friday Night Funkin’ is suitable for everyone: for hardcore fans and for those who just want to relax.