Among Us

Are you ready for a space trip? From your first step on the spacecraft you need to check everything and whip this place into shape. But suddenly you get to know that your team is not so united, one part does its best to make everything done and another one tries hard to spoil everything and even kill someone.

Among Us games present to us a real astronaut and preneder with their teams. First part solves brain twisters to get the aircraft off the ground. The second one, quite the opposite, seeks to damage. They are struggling to spoil objects, damage facilities and kill their opponents. Better to play this game in teams too, from 4 to10 persons. From the very beginning each of you will land the role – a malefactor or a hero. But you are the only one who knows the truth, others can just guess who you are. You have a possibility to launch the vote process. The person who gets more negative voices will be punished: thrown in a deep sky or in the lava ocean. Interesting that after death the game doesn’t stop. You still can solve twisters or make dirty tricks, but you are prohibited to vote. The game ends when one team wins.

Among Us will bring you enjoyment, specifically if you are a fan of a detective game. You can choose where to conduct your battle on your phone or use a PC. Online edition of Among Us gets you acquainted with personages that resemble a little to easter eggs or tiny animals. This is one of the most popular and interesting stories in 2021, a real masterpiece with a tricky plot and multiple messes. You will know the price of friendship, as well as the taste of betrayal. On every level your character needs to make decisions, when his best friends appear to be the worst enemies. Prepare your intuition and sixth sense, this is the place where everything can happen. Get ready for a special adventure!