Hello Neighbor

After the release date Hello Neighbor quickly gained popularity and reached all tops among other successful projects in this genre. And it’s not a huge surprise. The game is really interesting, contains a bunch of exciting quests, has mystical and well-detailed plot. Its fan base grew up, so developers released many updates making a finalized version.

Hello Neighbor Games Collection

Every game has three chapters with unique scenes. This horror tells us a story about the main character’s life and his relationships with the man in the next house. Through your whole life a strange person that lives on the same street doesn’t give you the rest.

Once you realize he caught a poor passerby and closed him in his basement. From that time you are the only person who has the possibility to save this victim and solve the mystery. Conduct your own investigation and win the game.

So you decide to sneak in his house and discover the truth. But he quickly trapped you and sent to the same fearsome cellar. And the second act starts. You need to escape from the dark basement and find the exit in the building.

Here Hello Neighbor transfers you to the cool atmosphere of fascinating quests, mystic riddles and difficult missions. Every room has each own task for you and by solving them you open new chambers. Various useful items will help you reach freedom.

Terrifying Antagonist

This scary man is your main problem in the game. You lose as soon as he finds you. Of course, not at the same moment. He chases you and finally you end up in his hands. The game immediately starts from the beginning, so you have to be very careful.

The real horror begins when you pass the second chapter. But before you get to the third and final part, you can witness the sad story of this strange man. His wife got into a car accident, and all family members had a horrible fate.

At the middle of the walkthrough your opinion on him may change but remember that your main mission is more important. Reach the final act where you will meet him face to face and battle till the end. But maybe you will fight with your own fears? Discover the answer in the white frightening room with no doors and windows.

Many interesting Hello Neighbor modes are waiting for you here. Since it is a horror, you should prepare yourself for scary moments, unexpected scenes and breathtaking atmosphere of fear. And various mods make the game more interesting and funny. Invite your friends to try it and beat him together.

Assemble a team of brave people or pass Hello Neighbor alone. Try all horrors in this category and test your nerves. See the story by yourself, take part in it and create your own ending. And maybe you can find secrets and mysteries developers left for all players.

We offer you the opportunity to begin your adventure now. Press the start button and relish your pastime here.