Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a famous free-to-play anime world. It has an RPG element, quests, thought out NPC characters, a long list of collective items, mini-games… In short, you will find the activity to your taste!

But firstly, create your character. Change every facial feature down to the shape of your nose! Each category has dozens, if not hundreds of choices. With such a powerful dress up maker, you can recreate favorite characters from One Piece, SAO, No Life No Game, and any other title you watch.

Another perk is lunime’s official Studio. Players have already posted thousands of epic, dramatic, and horror films on YouTube, and you can join them! Call your friends to brainstorm captivating scenarios for a Hollywood-like movie!

You may have come here after chibi coloring pages, fanfics, the Unbreakable music video, and arts spread across the Internet. That’s right, the fan community here is the most creative.

But what about the game? Enter the world of entertaining mini-games and best friends! Learn more about charming NPC dwellers of the anime city. Some are friendly straight away, while the affection of others takes a long time to earn.

Share gifts with your NPC friends, and they will please you with rarities in return. Gacha Life has lots of things to collect, from thematic costumes to sweet pets. You can find them during the walkthrough or buy with gems earned in championship games. Try them all: play music in Picc Pawket Rhythm, catch stars in Narwhal Sky, or feed rabbits with candies in Abushu Candy Toss!

Some Gacha Life games offer you a general chat. Here, you can talk with fans worldwide and find mates. But if it’s not enough, try Gacha Roblox with live multiplayer servers! Roleplay with real people, finding joyful activities in the open 3D world. Keep the chat friendly, so every player can have a good time in this amazing game.