Launch Casual games when you need to switch from a task but don’t have much spare time. For most of them, you don’t need to read any rules to start. Or, if you have always wanted to learn the basics of mahjong, why not turn it into your peace-bringing hobby? The process can be logically inclined or require speed and accuracy, depending on what entertainment you are used to.

Short Game for Any Device

Do you like three-in-a-row? Put three or more crystals in one line to collect them and gain a power-up! Find smart solutions to earn a bag of gems in an instance and don’t run out of available combinations. This game has levels but actually never ends! Even replaying a round, you involve different tactics on a rearranged field. The same applies to Tetris, hidden objects finding, and other mobile clickers with randomly generated maps.

This is the prominent quality of Casual apps. No heroes with high missions, complex skill trees, relationships, and no grand finale to mark that the story is completed. You just enter the match any time, trying to get the highest score possible compared to other users. The quality of play depends only on how badly you want a good result!

Infinity of Hyper Casual Games

But there is another type with almost no risk to lose. Typically, all you’re doing in such a game is just running to the finish line, avoiding obstacles and collecting boosters. You understand everything in the first seconds, which is good if you’re searching for a quick remedy from boredom.

Begin the exploration on this site! You know most of the apps are available on Android, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them in the browser. Nothing changes when using a computer, except for you hitting arrows instead of tapping the screen. Have an easy time deep in the meditative action of this amazing genre!