Avatar World

Avatar World is a process in which you can join forces with other participants. Here, Players will visit a beautiful universe where the love of nature and existence in general intersects. Each user can create the ideal life they have always dreamed of. Only you have the right to decide what to do today and do the necessary things for it! Are you ready to get in a good mood?

Fate is in your hands!

After the fans are finished coming up with an image for the hero, they will go to the streets of the city. There is a huge map here that will allow you to move around without difficulty. Cafe, park, shopping center, school, hospital and much more! What happens in the near future will depend only on you! The plot in the game can be very flexible and depend on the imagination and preferences of the users.

Possible plot directions include several options. Players can create their own everyday scenarios that reflect the life of a city dweller in Avatar World. This could be mundane things like cooking, working, hanging out with friends, or even starting your own business. Fans can go on journeys to explore different locations. Discover new places where you will meet new creatures. This can lead to unexpected adventures!

Why should you stay here?

Users can follow the development of their characters by unlocking new skills, making friends, building relationships, and taking part in various events and tasks. In this game you can tune your homes by choosing furniture, decorations, wall colors and other interior elements. This allows you to create unique and comfortable abodes for your heroes. Fulfill your old dreams and show your imagination!

There may be various mini-tests and tasks in Avatar World. Do you want to show off your athletic abilities, logic and attentiveness? What about entering a beauty pageant? This allows players to diversify the process and get additional joy. You can cooperate with various objects and characters, perform actions and feel connected to the environment. Isn’t that cool?

Besides all this, you can communicate and interact with other players. This allows you to build friendships, exchange experiences and ideas, and organize activities and adventures together. Perhaps your characters will fall in love with each other and give gifts on dates. Are you ready to start a family life and have small children in the game? There are no rules or restrictions in this universe, so relax!