Amanda the Adventurer

Amanda the Adventurer has a cool story that will interest everyone. If you like to tickle your nerves, then this is a great option. Here players will meet a little girl who has many secrets. Can you find out what the child really wants and is it safe? Solve various puzzles and train your reflexes and other abilities. Can you overcome your own fears?

Cassettes of Evil!

At the beginning of the game, the participants will meet the woman who inherited the mansion. It used to belong to her aunt, but now her personal belongings belong to the main character. Go there and start looking for something that can interest you. Climbing up to the attic, you will be able to notice a TV and a collection of cassettes. They are all very old and have numbers written on them. This means that the strange show has many episodes.

Let’s start with the first and find out what Amanda the Adventurer will tell us about! You can immediately notice the child and her best friend – a sheep. They are inseparable and will always move together. The woman has a curiosity to know what will happen next, but she will understand that this will not lead to good. Everything is getting very strange and scary and it’s time to end it! The young lady seems to communicate with the viewer through the screen.

What does she need?

It seems that the girl needs something, but no one understands what exactly. Start your own investigation and find out everything! The game will have a huge number of puzzles. Think outside the box and approach it with great responsibility. Only in this case, the players will be able to cope with all the tests. Interact with items to complete goals! Do not fall into the clutches of an evil entity that is only getting closer!

In addition, in Amanda the Adventurer, players must collect keys. They will help you get free and never return to this terrible place! Every minute the child will become more dangerous, angrier and more insidious. Better not to anger her and listen carefully! Will you be able to escape this evil version or will you stay here forever? Be nimble and react quickly to stay safe and sound!

The plot of the game is very confusing, so you need to carefully monitor the development of events. Think outside the box to get out of here! Each of the locations will make you nervous and face your fears. Be brave not to screw up and end the process early! Make decisions quickly so as not to make the baby wait! Solve all the creepiest secrets!