Probably everyone had such a teacher who caused fear. All children do not like them and they want to take revenge on them for this for the rest of their lives. In this game, players will experience similar emotions. Are you ready to head back to school and take on some challenges? Be vigilant and show your mental abilities!

How smart are you?

Ms. Lemons is an educator who wants to test the knowledge of his students. Her teaching methods are very strange and no one likes them. But those who like to experience tension and adrenaline will appreciate this challenge. Here you need to react quickly and make decisions to reach the end.

The main idea is to test what you are ready for in stressful situations. Angry Citrus will provoke you in many ways to knock you down. But this cannot be done, because every mistake is the path to death. If you make a mistake too many times, you will instantly lose. Better not anger this treacherous character in the game!

In this challenge, participants will demonstrate their talents. We are talking about checking memory, vision, reaction, concentration and so on. For this reason, you must always be focused so as not to screw up. Will you be able to reach the ending and find out what will happen?


Ms. Lemons has prepared several topics for the players, on which there will be an exam. They are all different, so you have to show how versatile you are. Answer as quickly as possible, because time is short and you may not be on time. And as you know, the teacher hates those who are silent for a long time!

Fans will be able to take part in a quiz on math, history, geometry, physics and more. Divide, multiply, subtract, design shapes and remember everything you learned in school! After each question, three possible answers will be shown, where only one is correct. Think twice before clicking in the game!

Will you do it?

Each time the tasks will become more difficult, so do not find yourself in a dead end! Ms. Lemons will be very unhappy if you can’t solve her puzzle! Try to earn as many rewards and bonuses as possible to make the second stage easier. They will be useful to you as tips or to simplify missions.

After the players correctly complete missions, she rejoices. The character looks very sweet and there is not even a suspicion that something could go wrong. But if you screw up too many times, you will see her in the form of a devil! Her eyes will be red and it seems that she is ready to kill you!