Brawl Stars

The millionaire multiplayer fighter in your browser! Brawl Stars has no trace of violence or damage, only cool teenagers with guns and knuckles.

Invite your friends and reign over the game! Boys, girls, and furries shoot each other with sparkling blasters and mow the field with superb long-distance attacks. Stars, gems, and shiny coins—that’s what every kid here consists of, and that’s what occupies everyone’s mind.

Legendary Wars Day and Night

Fight for tasty treasures in 3 vs. 3 game arenas, hunt for the richest heads, or team up with competitors to liquidate the universal evil. Communication is the key! Don’t be a loner and support your teammates—they will defend you in return. It’s harder to play over a shielded shooter, as well as to escape their attack.

Victorious fighters have a chance to get amazing new characters, power points and game money to upgrade their favorites, and unique skins to differentiate from other players. But the loser squad also receives pleasant wealthy surprises! Your individual scores matter not less than collaborative, so try your best to get to the top of the leaderboard ladder! Gather a bunch of stylish fighters to gradually increase their offense, defense, and personal superpower stats.

Brawl Stars Fun Never Ends

A small but hot map is exploding with the rapid continuous crossfire. The end is another beginning: just wait till respawn or, if you feel mean, release the most intimidating fighter from your collection. True that the activity in this game stirs even at night, but have mercy on your sleep cycle!

The goal of Brawl Stars games is not even in rewards but in feeling yourself a part of the team. Players gather here to spend a good time with like-minded people, chat, and get to know each other. Want to try? Your luck, today is the best day to become a new brawler!