Papa Louie

People have different hobbies and occupations. Sometimes, these are a single thing, if people managed to find a way to earn money from what they like – but that’s a really rare case. However, if it happens so, can you imagine what level of involvement these people experience? If you cannot imagine – remember the world-known chef who’s ready to throw out the entire kitchen if something’s not fresh or cooked improperly. In this game you will have a deal with a chef just like this, though he’s no American, but Italian.

It’s all about passion

Papa Louie games are a great example of how a good arcade can look like. Here you have all the elements that such a game should contain: simple mechanics, understandable world and no difficulties. Though it does not correspond to all the rules of the genre, it is still a good product that basks in popularity.

So here you will see and have a chance to participate in the management of a number of great restaurants that became popular thanks to the awesome menu and the main principles of work of Papa Louie. And the first thing you should remember when starting working with this world-known chef is that microwaves are equal to evil.


If you search for the information about Papa Louie’s business, you are amazed by how many restaurants he has. And even more, each time is another surprise to the customers, because he always uses his unique ideas. So when you decide to play one, you will be interested, as already familiar characters find themselves in some new entourages and circumstances. To take Alberto, for example: being a customer in Burgeria, he has a job in Freezeria.

So this game is definitely not like another avatar maker or something that makes you bored after some not very long time. And there’s even more opportunities with these games collection unblocked.