The popularity of IO challenges appeared not so long ago. Once one of the developers sold the original version to the project. It has become involved in the development and improvement of these entertainments and now you can watch it! Players like it because the rules and controls are too simple, which does not cause discomfort. Try to take part in one of them and see for yourself!

A huge number of genres!

In this category, participants will be able to find a game for every taste. Horror lovers will be able to visit creepy places and fight ghosts. Catch them and write them down in a special notebook. Compete for the title of the best character who is connected with mystical events. You can also take part in races in cool sports cars! Start moving and constantly press the gas! Upgrade vehicles to become a master on the track among competitors!

IOs are also famous for completing distances of varying lengths. Very often, players will encounter obstacles along the way. Be careful not to fall into the trap and stop for a while. A few seconds can help the opponents get ahead, which is very bad for you. Try to drive a tank, plane, helicopter, ship and complete the objectives! You may even have to fight with a crowd of enemies to be the first!

There are also a huge number of games that are related to business. Open a cafe or restaurant and receive guests. Unlock new recipes all the time, hire chefs and other staff, and more! Or maybe you want to become the owner of a hotel, hospital or airport? In any case, you should always tap the screen to get more popularity. Get new opportunities that will make you a millionaire!

Reach the top!

The most important task in IO is to have a good response. No one will definitely experience special stress! Click on pictures and buttons to move in the right direction. The most popular process is where players control a geometric figure. It is of a certain color and the goal is to paint over the entire territory. Kill those who decide to appropriate it for themselves and rise in the rankings!

It is very important to stay at the top as long as possible and not give others a chance to win. Almost all games are aimed at growing characters. It means to improve his skills and get better, earning authority on the field. These challenges are perfect for both solo and group play! Share experiences, laugh, make up your own rules and much more! It captures the spirit and arouses interest from the first seconds.