Red Ball

Welcome to the Red Ball planet! This place is a perfect unity of smart puzzles and a breathtaking adventure. A cute hero with big friendly eyes is waiting for your hand of help.

It’s in his hero nature to get into accidents. Today, he’s searching for his kidnapped friends, and tomorrow, he will fight the ultimate evil that threatens to shape the game in a square form! In short, prepare for a long sunny trip.

The Calm and Adventurous Game

Bounce through the platformer field with saws, thorns, and dangerous enemies. However, they’re not an obstacle for our red daredevil! He can restart the level as many times as needed. Moreover, the game doesn’t have annoying lives and even allows you to set convenient checkpoints. Repeat difficult parts and rip bonus stars in places beyond the reach: they’re essential for the perfect victory.

The red ball never gets bored with his best friends, painted in different bright colors. They have their own personality: his pink girlfriend is dreamy and romantic, and the optimistic blue friend is always ready for a funny game journey. All heroes have rivals, indeed. The black ball and the army of squares can’t sit calmly when the whole world is still not theirs.

Bring the Balance to the Earth

Destroy evil ambitions! The peaceful valley needs your protection, and it needs a tight alliance of light powers to ward off criminals. But mean antagonists have prepared many traps for you all. Outsmart their puzzles for kids and face their gloomy dark bosses to fight as equals.

The observance will be your main weapon throughout the legend. Search movable items, tie events together, and pass dangerous parts of the way in one dash. You have limitless life, checkpoints, and the option to restart the level at any time. All chances to gather three stars in Red Ball games. The last missing piece of an impeccable play is patience!