Many of us prefer games as a way of self-distraction. However, there are few of them which make much sense. There are even less of those which bring some global, significant idea. But traditionally we have some things that are pretty old as for now, but which made a lot of influence when they appeared. A good example of such phenomena is Undertale.

Going from origins

The game was designed and developed solely by Toby Fox, who released it in 2015 for Windows and MacOS. The gameplay of Undertale games is created in the style of pixel graphic art. All the heroes have their specific look and mood, which helps us to differentiate them easily. But neither graphics, nor characters are the main twist here. The thing is that the plot depends highly on the actions and decisions the gamer makes during his play. More particularly – here you don’t need to kill everybody you see.

On the opposite – you can interact with your enemies peacefully and then have them as allies and friends. Furthermore, it determines your further way to the end, and specifically – what bosses you will meet, what ending you will see etc. Your present gameplay style can even have an impact on your future playthrough, if you decide to have it.

Huge popularity

Unique characters, interesting and captivating storyline have caused the appearance of the great fanbase. Firstly, there appeared many memes that are based on the plot of the game or refer to it somehow. Then fans started to imagine and share their alternative universes.

Now fandom encounters such a great quantity of Undertale AU, that they say it’s impossible to count them up. One of them is Altertale, which combines a lot of the peculiarities of heroes and makes them into totally different characters.

Are you ready to try this magnificent game unblocked? You should anyway!