Hunting is a genre dedicated to tracking down wild animals. In such challenges, the player is given the opportunity to test himself in the role of a hunter, exploring various landscapes and shooting with weapons. Players can choose exciting scenarios and locations including forests, deserts, mountains and much more. Hurry up and start your missions!

Variety of Loot and Equipment

These games feature a wide range of creatures such as deer, wild boars, bears, many species of birds and predators. Each one has unique characteristics and behavior that adds realism and challenge to the experience. Users can also choose between different types of weapons and other things that will help complete tasks.

Popular games:

Classical Deep Sniper Hunting
Shark Hunter 2
Hunter 3D
Duck Shooter
Wild Hunting Clash
Hunting Simulator
Duck Hunter
Deer Hunter

Fun or serious?

Hunting is not always about dangerous things and concentration. If you want to have a great time but also laugh, you can do this. For example, Object Hunt, where fans will still shoot their prey, but in a more fun way. They will constantly change shape, forcing you to strain your eyesight. In any case, participants must constantly improve their skills.