Subway Surfers

The impressive popularity of the smartphone version inspired the Subway Surfers crew to broaden digital horizons. From now on, the game is available in browsers, too!

Initiate a run for money and fame with professionals around the world. Warn you, it will be quite a risky gold rush. You sacrifice your own neck, rushing down a train railroad between heavy metal wagons. All just to climb on a higher stair in the worldwide league! Reckless teenagers, what else can we say? Thank god it’s just a game.

The Game for Collectors and Challengers

Look at those teens, by the way! They’re incredibly bad at acting cool (don’t tell them, please). However, fine clothes and a friendly spirit do their job. Unlock your crazy surfers one by one by spending coins and keys and completing seasonal quests. Buy everything from an original hoverboard with super sneakers to a new outfit for your favorite hero.

Often, chests play out mysterious items like 80’s Stereos: they are the tokens that unlock special characters that can’t be bought for coins. In our case, you can unlock a handsome boy nicknamed Fresh.

Around the Globe with Subway Surfers

Cultures are the main focus of Kiloo’s global mod today. The World Tour takes players out on an international journey: Copenhagen, Paris, Tokyo, Oxford, and a hundred more developed, populous cities change the classical Subway Surfers games landscape. Don’t miss the opportunity! Add seasonal characters to your collection and redeem themed items for generous bonuses.

New to the game? A short training, and you will be ready to compete on equals. Be curious and learn more through an intuitive interface. Word Hunt, daily chests, missions, and golden tickets are something every fan must know about. So miss no more and start your endless subway journey right now!