Fans of realistic Physics games will absolutely love this category. The genre is huge, so you will find a game exactly for your preferences. And the main feature that unites these products is the realistic Physics that allows them to recreate various scenarios on your screen.

Various simulators take the biggest space in this genre. Bump cars, beat the special ragdoll and smash planets in the open space. Developers of these products added realistic Physics, so you can even film various interesting videos showing the consequences of crashes and smashes. Different instruments will help you destroy the aims. For example, to crash your planet you have a huge variety of asteroids, destructive cannons and bombs, aliens with massive lasers and other celestial objects.

You can try different hammers, axes, rocks and other obstacles on your car to watch the realistic result of the smash and destroy it completely. Use your location – throw your auto off the mountain and let the gravity do its job. And a funny stickman will help you relax – throw different objects to crash its body.

Sports game genre is also a part of this category. The simulation of real golf, football, basketball and volleyball teaches you the basic rules of these kinds of sports and allows you to test yourself on the real field. Try other sport activities and pick the perfect for you. And don’t forget about the popular fishing simulators where you need to improve your skill to catch the biggest fish. You can find the game that needs from you to overcome dangerous obstacles on the way to the finish line. Try to run the whole path avoiding being hit.

Make sure to try every game in this category. Create beautiful and useful content with different crashes, play to relax and spend time having fun and improve your skills.